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Spring is in the Air with BARE Walls Seasonal Art Rotations

Flower Spike by Brody Oliver

The pollen doesn’t lie—spring is in full swing in Acadiana. Spring means a lot to the residents of Lafayette in particular. I-10 is lined with wildflowers and new life. The warm bayous bring heaps of fish to inland areas. Festival International is fast-approaching. With each new season in Louisiana comes a new feeling, a new creative vibe, and businesses from Abbeville to Opelousas want to showcase that new feeling on their walls.

Quilted Fuchsia Flower by Tony Mayard

BARE Walls provides a dynamic gallery experience for your workplace. One of the most exciting parts of the program is the option to rotate your artwork every three months, free of charge. That means that all you have to do is simply select your new artwork after three months, and a BARE Walls representative will come to your business and take care of the placement and rotation. Want to warm up your business after the cold, wet winter? Select some vibrant pieces from over 28 local artists like the ones pictured above by Tony Mayard and Brody Oliver. If flowers aren't your thing, check out some of our abstract pieces like the one pictured below by Michael Eble.

Another One for the Day by Michael Eble

There are tons of pieces for local businesses to choose from. If you don't know what to pick, just ask us. We are happy to recommend pieces for your space and for the season. Check out our full stock at Let your love for springtime blossom with BARE Walls!

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