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Are you an Artist? 

Here at BARE Walls, we have created a platform that will bring your artwork into business spaces throughout the Acadiana area and  will give you the opportunity to make residual income through your ART,

Businesses have the option to select your artwork and have it hung in their space for months at a time. Your work will be exposed to more potential buyers while it is being rented by the businesses. 

Our goal is to have as many artists involved in the program as possible, from emerging to established artists. We welcome all artists that are passionate about their craft. We want to have a wide variety of mediums and subject matter on our team so that we can have the strongest portfolio of artwork to bring to the businesses.

The benefits of being part of the BARE WALLS  Artist Roster:

  • We provide an online presence for you and your artwork through our BARE Walls website and Artwork Archive website, where visitors have the option to purchase your artwork online.

  • We promote your artwork online through the our social media links on Facebook, Instagram and Linked In.

  • We promote your work to collectors, designers and business owners in the Acadiana area.

  • We build relationships for artist and businesses in the Acadiana area

  • You become part of a community of BARE WALLS artists and creatives.

  • You have the opportunity to exhibit artwork in the BASIN ARTS gallery.

  • Most important! We pay artists a residual income to exhibit their artwork and gain exposure, all at the same time.

If your are an Artist in Acadiana region and are interested inbecoming a BARE WALLS Artist, apply now!

Simply fill out the artist application here! 


Once accepted to be on our BARE Walls team, we upload the available pieces that you would like to put into the program. From there, we will promote your work to sale and have it in our portfolio for businesses to select to rent. For more information or questions email us:



Artist Application
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