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  • Tanner M. Choate

First Art Rotation: Central Pizza

CENTRAL is located at 423 Jefferson St. in downtown Lafayette.


CENTRAL Pizza has been a supporter of the BARE Walls program since its public launch in 2018, becoming a member in December of that year. In fact, CENTRAL is recognized as the first official BARE Walls subscriber, and being first means experiencing everything the program has to offer before anyone else. This idea came full-circle last week as CENTRAL experienced their first BARE Walls art rotation.

Every three months, members of BARE Walls have the opportunity to rotate their artwork with entirely new pieces, keeping their workspace fresh. This art rotation is one of the essential foundations of the program, and it’s designed to be as easy as possible for the subscriber. When the three month mark approaches, businesses simply visit our website and select the new artwork they would like to display. A BARE Walls representative will contact the business and set up a time for installation. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new art!

Check out the new installation at CENTRAL Pizza located at 423 Jefferson Street in downtown Lafayette. For hours and information, on CENTRAL, visit their website, or follow them on Instagram @eatdrinkcentral. To check out some photos of the old and new installs, check out BARE Walls on Instagram @barewallslafayette.

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