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Meet the Artist: Sarah Bradshaw


Sarah Bradshaw, a Lafayette native and UL-Lafayette grad, was creating artwork long before her college years. Some of her earliest memories include painting and crafting at her family’s kitchen table. Her family continued to support her creativity as she received a BFA in graphic design in 2003.

In her time as a painter, she has explored many concepts and themes, learning from each of her artistic journeys. Currently, Bradshaw enjoys studying changing perspectives on organic shapes found in nature. Her ongoing travels to various national and state parks inspires her creative vision, providing a bountiful variety of light and color.

“Many of my paintings are about light and movement. I am interested in the effect light has on objects in nature as it moves and changes,” explained Bradshaw.

Flower Bouquet, 20 x 20 in

Bradshaw’s current techniques are greatly influenced by her post-graduate work as both a graphic designer and art instructor. During this time, she experimented with various techniques, working to capture nature in an authentic way.

“Often, I will paint in layers to reflect the interaction between an object and its environment. This can include painting a combination of defined forms, intuitive brush strokes, and splashes of paint,” Bradshaw added.

Seascape No. 4, 30 x 40 in

When she isn’t painting, Bradshaw continues to support the creative community of Lafayette. This desire brought her to join the BARE Walls program when it was very young. Bradshaw also stays busy at home with her two young children and a budding family.

“Our home is always full of projects, and in our spare time, we enjoy traveling and spending time with the family,” says Bradshaw.

To see more work by Sarah Bradshaw, visit her website at and follow her on Instagram @artbysarahbradshaw.

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