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BARE Walls Residential 

BARE Walls is extending our reach and has created a platform that makes supporting local artists easy and affordable while also beautifying your home. Introducing the BARE Walls Residential Art Subscription Program!  With a wide range of artistic styles to choose from, our program provides artwork that fits your budget and style.


Through this program, we strive to continue creating and nurturing ongoing relationships between local artists and local residents while sustaining the local community and increasing the overall value of our creative economy. 




Liven up your space through ART!

The rotational component of our program is a unique opportunity to transform & update your space every few months.  All of our local, original artwork is also available for purchase & installation. 

To view our extensive portfolio of artwork, click here:

BARE Residential Packages

BARE Walls Residential
Tier Packages

Our tier system is based off of linear feet (the total width of the selected artwork). Each tier is categorized based on artistic merit, size, and inventory price. As the price levels increase, all artwork in the lower tiers is included for your selection.

Basic BARE

Tier 1

- Up to 10 linear feet of artwork

- Maxing at 4 pieces of art

- Artwork price per piece up to $2000

- 10% Off all purchases

Premium BARE

Tier 2

- Up to 20 linear feet of artwork

- Maxing at 10 pieces of art

- Artwork price per piece unlimited

- Up to 2 additional artwork swaps

- Meet the artist of your choosing

- 15% Off all purchases

$150 /month
$275 /month

* First time setup fee of $150 + minimum 1 year subscription contract*

Additional Services

Art Handling

BARE Walls now offers art handling services!  Whether you have one piece to hang or an entire collection, we have an expert team ready to assist you.

- Highly trained, experienced handlers

- Professional gallery style experience

- $100/hour 

Short-term Rentals

Have an upcoming event or intimate party that needs a statement piece? Look no further!  Our extensive portfolio has hundreds of options for you to choose from.

- Single or multi day rentals

- 700+ pieces to choose from

- Inquire for pricing

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